Currently enrolled, returning UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS who wish to take a Placement Exam must be granted access. To request access to placement exams, students should go to MySlice > Student Services > Placement Exams > Take Placement Exams, provide the required information and send the automatic email. The Placement Exams will become available via MySlice approximately 24 hours after the request has been processed. The requesting student will receive an email notifying them when access has been granted, and they are able to take the exam. Please note that requests submitted on Fridays, weekends, or holidays will be processed on the next regular business day.


Log into MySlice using your NetID (example= jsmoe) and password.  To look up, activate or reset your NetID password visit

The "Take Placement Exams" link will direct you to Blackboard if you have access to the exams (see below).  If you do not have access to Placement Exams, you will be directed to the request email address when you click on the "Take Placement Exams" link.  

Take placement exams link.

If you already have access to Placement Exams, when you use the "Take Placement Exams" link you will be directed to Blackboard where you can enter your NetID (ex: jsmoe) and password, and login. See instructions on taking placements exams for step by step instructions.


Graduate and Law students are not usually required to take math or language placement exams. The exception is the English as a Second Language placement exam which is only offered in person by the Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics department. For information about the ELAE exam contact the department at 315.443.2175.

Graduate or Law students who wish to take an on-line language placement exam should contact the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at 315.443.2175 to determine the appropriate next steps.


For questions relating to the PA math exam, or to request access to the PA math exam, please contact:

Department of Public Administration and International Affairs
215 Eggers Hall
Phone: 315.443.4000
Fax: 315.44.9721

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