Instruction pages provide general-purpose information and walkthroughs on how to use specific Blackboard Ultra features, functions, or settings. 

Use Instruction pages if you need a step-by-step guide to accomplishing a specific task in Blackboard Ultra, if you want a technical description of a particular Blackboard Ultra tool, or if you are trying to troubleshoot a feature that is not working the way that you expected. 

Administration and Communication Instructions

  • Blackboard Merge Course Enrollments RequestMultiple course sections can be merged into a single Blackboard shell to facilitate sharing course materials with students enrolled in different sections. 
  • Ultra Course - Course AnnouncementsAnnouncements are internal notifications within Blackboard courses that display as a pop-up for all enrolled users the next time they log in; copies can also be sent to all users via email. 
  • Ultra Course - Course Availability
  • Ultra Course - Course CalendarAdd your course schedule, office hours, assignment due dates, or other important events to the course calendar display for all users enrolled in the course.
  • Ultra Course - Course Image and BannerA course image and/or banner can make your course visually unique and easier to find in the  course list. 
  • Ultra Course - MessagesMessages can be used communicate with individuals, groups, or all users enrolled in a course via email. Copies of course messages and email replies are also stored in the Blackboard course. 
  • Ultra Course - NavigationThe menu bars on the top and left-hand side in Blackboard Ultra course view are how users navigate between the main areas of the course. Unlike in original course view, these menus are not editable, and will have the same items and appearance in all Blackboard Ultra courses. 
  • Ultra Course - Student PreviewStudent preview is used to test course content in Blackboard and ensure that course materials and assessments are functioning correctly. 

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