Instruction pages provide general-purpose information and walkthroughs on how to use specific Blackboard Ultra features, functions, or settings. 

Use Instruction pages if you need a step-by-step guide to accomplishing a specific task in Blackboard Ultra, if you want a technical description of a particular Blackboard Ultra tool, or if you are trying to troubleshoot a feature that is not working the way that you expected. 

Roster, Members, and Groups Instructions

  • Ultra Course - Accommodations for StudentsAccommodations are a roster tool that let instructors adjust course settings for individual students, such as giving extra time on all timed assessments. 
  • Ultra Course - Course RosterThe course roster lists all users in a course and their roles, including students, graders, TAs, and instructors. Instructors can use the roster to add co-instructors/TAs/graders and to edit some course settings for other users. 
  • Ultra Course - Group Sets and GroupsGroups can be made once group sets are created.  Selecting "Custom" group sets allow for the creation of groups by choosing the students in each group,  randomly assigned groups can be made using the "randomly-assigned" group set, or use a "self-enrollment" set to allow students to pick their group.
  • Ultra Course - Managing Users and User RolesInstructors in Blackboard courses (and leaders in Blackboard organizations) can enroll other users as co-instructors/leaders, TAs, course builders, and graders. This guide outlines the purpose and privileges of the different roles, and the process for managing user enrollments. 

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