Instruction pages provide general-purpose information and walkthroughs on how to use specific Blackboard Ultra features, functions, or settings. 

Use Instruction pages if you need a step-by-step guide to accomplishing a specific task in Blackboard Ultra, if you want a technical description of a particular Blackboard Ultra tool, or if you are trying to troubleshoot a feature that is not working the way that you expected. 

Course Content Instructions

  • Ultra Course - AssignmentsThe Assignment tool allows students to submit work to their instructor to grade, provide feedback, and include in the grade center.
  • Ultra Course - Content Visibility and Release ConditionsBlackboard Ultra allows instructors to control the visibility of course content by making items visible or hidden to students,  or by setting content release conditions based on date time, user/group ID, or grade performance. 
  • Ultra Course - Copy ContentThis page reviews the process for copying content in Ultra courses, with special emphasis on concerns when copying content from an original view Blackboard course into an Ultra course.
  • Ultra Course - Course LinksCourse Links can be used to create multiple access points to course content without excessive scrolling and/or hunting within folders or modules. 
  • Ultra Course - Create Content
  • Ultra Course - DiscussionsDiscussions allow students to make public posts and read and reply to each others' contributions. Discussions can be included alongside other items in the Course Content area, or organized separately in the Discussions area. 
  • Ultra Course - FormsForms can be used to gather information from students using several types of questions including multiple choice and Likert (opinion) scale. Forms are ungraded by default, and questions added to a form have no defined right answer. 
  • Ultra Course - JournalsJournals allow students to submit multiple written responses or files in a single location, such as for a weekly activity log. Journals are private between student and instructor, and can be graded or ungraded. 
  • Ultra Course - Modules and FoldersBlackboard Ultra Course View (UCV) has two primary options for organizing your course content: Folders and Modules. This document introduces both and discusses some of their key differences.
    • Ultra Course - AI Module GeneratorThis page presents how the Blackboard Ultra AI Design Assistant tool can help instructors by generating modules. The modules generated with the Ultra AI Design Assistant contain a module topic, module description, and related module image. The tool does not provide the content of the module. 
  • Ultra Course - Question BanksQuestion Banks (formerly called Question Pools in original course view) allow instructors to store, reuse, and randomize test questions across multiple assessments. 
  • Ultra Course - TestsThe Test tool allows instructors to create, assign, and grade assessments with multiple questions such as a quiz or exam in Blackboard.
  • Ultra Course - Text EditorThe text editor appears anywhere you can add text, such as documents, assignments, tests, discussion boards and journals. 

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