Instructional Design Example Archive (IDEA) pages offers examples or templates of different technology solutions for instructional design challenges, or different potential uses for specific Blackboard Ultra features. 

Use IDEA pages if you are looking for creative examples of how to use a Blackboard Ultra feature to pursue different instructional goals or in diverse learning contexts, or if you want to explore potential solutions to a problem using a range of different instructional technology or design tools. 

Gradebook and Analytics Ideas

  • Accommodations, Exceptions, and ExemptionsBlackboard Ultra has multiple features which can alter course settings for individual students based on disability accommodations or other needs or circumstances. Three are highlighted here: Accommodations, Exceptions, and Exemptions. 
  • Assessment and Grading FAQThis page address common questions about creating, administering, and grading assignments & tests in Blackboard.
  • Grade Schemas - Additional UsesThis page contains ideas for other uses of the Grade Schema beyond a typical letter grade scale.
  • Organizing the GradebookIn addition to delivering feedback on individual assignments, Gradebook features including Calculations, Categories, and Grade Schemas can be used to communicate course expectations and track student activity at the level of assignment categories or course units/modules, to build a more detailed and informative picture of students' competencies, progress, and areas for improvement. 
  • Performance-Based Release ConditionsThis page offers some instructional design examples for using the release conditions function in Blackboard Ultra course view to create dynamic content that responds to student performance on specified graded assignments or grade center columns. 

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