Instruction pages provide general-purpose information and walkthroughs on how to use specific Blackboard Ultra features, functions, or settings. 

Use Instruction pages if you need a step-by-step guide to accomplishing a specific task in Blackboard Ultra, if you want a technical description of a particular Blackboard Ultra tool, or if you are trying to troubleshoot a feature that is not working the way that you expected.

Student Resources Instructions

  • Editing Your Student ProfileHow to edit your Blackboard user profile, including accessing your user profile, changing your profile picture, and information regarding system settings
  • Ultra Course - Gradebook for StudentsThe gradebook is where students can view grades and feedback on coursework submitted in Blackboard. 
  • Ultra Course - Student Activity Stream and Notification SettingsCustomize the notification settings under your Blackboard user profile to get alerts for different kinds of activity in Blackboard such as upcoming deadlines or grades being posted. 
  • Ultra Course - Student CalendarBlackboard automatically creates a calendar for each course, and can combine all of your course calendars together into a single view on the institution homepage. 
  • Ultra Course - Student NavigationThe menu bars at the top and left of the course page are what you use to navigate the course content, including course information, announcements posted by the instructor, as well as course readings and assignments that you need to complete. 
  • Ultra Course- Student Submissions and GradesThis guide covers how to submit assignments in Blackboard, view grades and feedback, and troubleshot the submission process.