Sitefinity web site forms enable easy collection of data from site visitors for a variety of uses.  These web forms can be used for event registrations, request info submissions, updates from alumni and more.  While forms need to be created by the Maxwell Communications Team or ICT, we can delegate access to Maxwell users view and export the data collected through these forms.  

This tutorial will explain how to log into Sitefinity and access this data.

Logging into Sitefinity

Locating your Form

After logging into Sitefinity, you will be brought to the "Dashboard".  From here click on Content > Forms

Your form will be named with your unit's prefix then form title.  In this case we will be using the "Test - Training Example".  

If there have been submissions to your form, you will see the number of responses that have been sent through your form.  Click on the number (i.e. "2 responses" in the example below) to access this information:

Viewing Individual Responses

To see an individual response, click anywhere on the row containing the data.  Information from the data preview can be easily selected and copied to your computer's clipboard: 

Exporting Responses to Excel

It is also possible to export (save) the submitted responses to a Microsoft Excel worksheet.  If you want ALL of the responses exported click the "Export as Excel" button at the top of the page.  If you want to export a limited number of responses, check the specific boxes to the left of the responses you want included in the export.  (Note: leaving all boxes unchecked exports ALL responses.)  You will be prompted to confirm a file name and location where the file will be saved.

Interpreting the Exported Excel File

Each row in the exported Excel file contains an individual response that was collected through the web form.    Sitefinity includes a significant amount of extra data captured when the form was submitted (when, through which IP address, language used, etc.).  The unique user-submitted information you will be looking for will likely begin in column "X" of the form. 

Also, the ordering of the spreadsheet columns may not match the ordering of your form fields if your form has been edited or re-ordered since it was originally published.  A feature request has been submitted to Sitefinity to see if this ordering can be aligned with the final ordering of your form fields.  So please be aware that the structure of this form export could change if your form is modified.  


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