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Problem Description

If you receive the error "User does not exist" when attempting to add enrollments to a course or organization in Blackboard, follow the steps outlined below.


In order to enroll a user in a course or organization, the user must have a valid and activated NetID as well as an existing active account in Blackboard.

If the user's NetID is not found when attempting to add him/her to a course or an organization, gather the following information:

  • Does the account exist in Blackboard?
  • If so, is the account disabled?
  • If the account is not disabled, verify that you are entering the correct username in the Add User field.
  • If the account is disabled, check for the FERPA window shade icon in MySlice. If FERPA exists, user must sign a Blackboard FERPA waiver at the ITS Service Center.
  • If the account is disabled and there is no FERPA restriction, check eProvision for a change in the user's Primary Affiliation status (possibly resulting from a payroll change). If there has been a change in the status, send a manual notify to David Castle requesting that he re-enable the user's Blackboard account. Include the user's full name and NetID in the request and a brief explanation of why the account was disabled.
  • If the account does not exist in Blackboard, check eProvision for the user's record.
  • If an eProvision record exists, is the NetID activated? If the NetID is not activated, advise the user to activate the NetID. It may take up to 24 hours after activating the NetID to create a Blackboard account.
  • If there is no account found in eProvision, check the user's affiliation with the university in the MySlice Affiliation Dashboard.
  • If the user cannot be found in MySlice or has no formal affiliation with the university, the user will have to be manually added to Blackboard.

Sources and Relevant Links

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