Teaching Support

  • Research, specify, and purchase hardware and software for captive classrooms, i.e., departmentally assigned (non-registrar) teaching stations and teaching labs.
  • Provide basic user training for captive classroom teaching stations. (Immediate response during class for captive teaching spaces is generally not available).
  • Consult on software licenses available for course use and install software as needed in captive classrooms; assist instructors with connecting to Campus ITS for other software needs.

Office Support for faculty and staff

  • Build computers for faculty and staff. Provide new standard computers to eligible full-time faculty and staff as per the guidelines in the Arts & Sciences Computer Hardware Program. As available, provide used computers for non-FT employees, including for PTI shared desks and emeritus faculty offices.
  • Install specialized software for clients.
  • Provide hardware and software support for laptops, desktops, tablets, and peripheras, including hardware repairs and replacement of failed parts.
  • Build and deploy approximately 150 printers and copiers, including setting up print queues, assigning rights and deploying print drivers to machines.
  • Provide basic support for other office technology equipment (fax machines, AV equipment in departmental meeting rooms, etc.)

Research Support

  • Meet with faculty to determine their Research IT needs and determine what hardware and software tools best meet those needs.
  • Note that hardware costs for faculty computers above the standard budget is funded by researchers, as are computers for postdocs, graduate students, and other research group staff. The A&S team will build and manage the machines that are purchased
  • Build, maintain, and support the operating system for virtual servers and virtual desktops to meet researcher needs (currently 142 Linux servers, 90 Windows servers). Provide virtual research storage spaces, configure security, and train research groups on their use.
  • Liaise with ITS Research Computing when faculty needs include OrangeGrid, OrangeCrush or anything else above the scale or technical expertise of our support group.

Back End Support

  • Evaluate software for accessibility (includes vision, motor, and hearing accessibility) before purchase.
  • Work with faculty and ITS budget office on software license agreements and contracts, grouping users to buy in bulk to minimize costs. Manage license pools.
  • Consult on design of IT installations for new and renovated captive teaching and lab spaces.
  • Build and maintain infrastructure for keeping Macintosh and Windows computers patched and secure.
  • Remediate security issues on 2000+ computers, printers and other network connected devices.
  • Build and support HIPAA security plans for the Gebbie Clinic and the Psychological Services Center.
  • Perform Information Coordinator duties for the college and training departmental Information Coordinators.
  • Build and support 73 servers (23 Linux and 50 Windows) that provide file, print and database functionality.
  • Build digital sign players in digital signage software, manage the physical installation process for new signs and train users in digital sign content production. 13 signs are currently supported.
  • Data and security administration through active directory and management tools
  • Build, maintain, upgrade and support Mac management environment for A&S and the majority of the campus.
  • Coordinate with ITS to maintain appropriate and current security and legal standards.

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