If you are in immediate danger or have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 to reach NYC Emergency Services. 

For non-life-threatening situations, such as wellness care or counseling options, please see below for resources.   

Counseling Services 

If you have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, or are currently experiencing a mental health crisis, 24-hour emergency support services via the Barnes Center at the Arch on main campus are available to all SU in NYC students. 

  • Counseling at the Barnes Center can offer telehealth to students since you are in NY state.  
  • Counseling runs a 24 hour/7 days phone line where you can always receive counseling in a crisis. That number is  315-443-8000. 
  • For ongoing tele-therapy, students need to pay the Health & Wellness fee for the semester (rate for 2023-2024 is $425 per semester). That fee was not included in your Bursar bill since you are attending SU away from the main campus. If you would like to pay the fee to access ongoing counseling, you can complete the Health & Wellness Fee Request Form.  

Public Health/COVID-19

  • Free at-home tests are available at the Fisher Center reception desk.
  • If you are feeling sick, please do not come to the Fisher Center.
  • Email your instructors and program directors/managers to inform them if you test positive. We will then send instructions (and see the Stay Safe website below).
  • Current university guidance can be found at: https://www.syracuse.edu/staysafe/ where you will find the portal for reporting a positive test.

Health Insurance 

  • The SU Student Health Insurance is Aetna Student Health.  You can use their online DocFinder to locate providers in the area. If you have questions about your coverage, you can call Aetna at 866-381-1529, email the Student Health Insurance Office, healthinsurance@syr.edu or call 315-443-9019. 
  • If you waived the SU plan, then you need to contact your insurance carrier for information about locating providers in the area. Many plans have online listings like Aetna’s DocFinder. If you don’t have access to that information, then ask a family member for information about your plan. 
  • NOTE: you should always ask any provider if they accept your plan AND verify specific coverage (i.e. copays, deductibles, plan limits) with your insurance company. 

Urgent Care/Minute Clinic 

  • The MinuteClinic provided by CVS Pharmacy can be a timely and inexpensive service for common ailments (such as flu-shot, treatment for cold, strep throat, etc.). The closest Minute Clinic to the Fisher Center is located at 150 East 42nd Street | (866) 389-2727. More locations can be found on CVS’s website.  
  • CITY MD 561 3rd Avenue (at 37th Street) | (212) 729-4668  (enter in your zip code for additional locations)
  • New York Doctors Walk-In Urgent Care| 205 Lexington Ave. (at 32nd Street) | (212) 684-4700.  
  • New York-Presbyterian Virtual Urgent Care :  offers a video appointment with a board-certified Columbia or Weill Cornell doctor that takes place through your phone, tablet, or computer.  This is for non-life-threatening medical concerns. 

Private Practice Referrals 

  • You can contact your personal physician and/or review a list of resources provided by your insurance company. 
  • The Fashion Institute of Technology has graciously shared a local referral list. It includes about 150 providers in almost 50 specialties in NYC who accept Aetna Student Health (FIT students also have this plan). Please contact Suzanne McGillicuddy, Director of Student Support for Remote Programs.   



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