For the 2023-2024 academic year, the School of Education has assigned room 154 and room 221 in Huntington Hall as shared meeting space, intended to be used for office hours and short meetings with students. They are not intended to be used as individual private space or project work rooms.

How To Book

Check Availability

First, check the room's calendar using the "free/busy calendar" links to find an available timeslot. Requests will be automatically declined if the room is already booked during any part of your requested time. 

Send Room Request as a Calendar Invite

 Once you know the available timeslot you want, you can make scheduling request by creating an event on your SU email's Calendar and "inviting" the desired room to attend.

  1. Open your SU email from a web browser ( or
  2. Go to your Calendar.
  3. Select New Event.
    screenshot of outlook window with colored New Event button

  4. Event Title: Put your name, purpose of meeting, what class you are using the space for (Example: Jane Doe, Student Meeting, EDU 203).

  5. Invite Attendees: Enter the Room name of the shared room and click the matching pop up (either SOE154HH or SOE221HH).

  6. Pick the Day/ Time: (Reminder: only allowed up to 60mins) Notice that if the time slot you want is in RED (see image below) it means room in NOT available. It will give you “Suggested Times” (see image below) based on availability.

    screenshot of outlook with a time selected that is outlined and shown on the calendar in red
  7. Click Send: You will receive an email indicating if it has been Accepted or Declined and your calendar will reflect the meeting time only if accepted.


If your meeting is cancelled be sure to go to YOUR Calendar, open up the event, and Click Cancel (follow prompts). This will cancel the meeting and send a notification to the Room and make it available to others. Failing to Cancel could result in losing access to this shared space.

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