If you are in immediate danger or have a life-threatening emergency situation, call 911 to reach Emergency Services.

For non-life threatening situations, such as wellness care or counseling options, please use below for references. 


Telus Health Student Support: THSS App 

Newhouse DC students have access to Telus Health while participating in a semester in DC. Telus health connects students with a free, confidential emotional health and well-being support conveniently available 24/7 via app, telephone, and web. 

  • Emotional health and well-being resources on the Telus Health Student Support App 
  • Real-time, single session supports and short term support by appointment
  • Receive help with anxiety, stress, relationships with friends/family, and adapting to a new environment. 

Check out this video to learn how to use this resource. 

Health Insurance

  • The SU student health insurance is Aetna Student Health. You can use their online DocFinder to locate providers in the area. If you have questions about your coverage, you can call Aetna at 866-381-1529, email the Student Health Insurance Office, or call 315-443-9019.
  • If you waived the SU plan, then you need to contact your insurance carrier for information about locating providers in the area. Many plans have online listings like Aetna. If you don’t have the access to that information, then ask a family member if you are on their plan.
  • Note you should always ask any provider if they accept your plan AND also verify specific coverage (i.e. copays, deductibles, plan limits) with your insurance company.


If you require emergency medical care, there are several hospitals with ERs in the area:


Minute Clinic

  • The MinuteClinic provided by CVS Pharmacy can be a timely and inexpensive service for common aliments (such as flu-shot, treatment for cold, strep throat, etc.) for students. The closest Minute Clinic to Newhouse DC is located at 6 Dupont Circle, NW, Washington, DC 20036. More locations can be found on CVS’s website.

Private Practice Referrals

  • Contact your personal physician or insurance company

Urgent care

12 Step Programs

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