This document outlines the process for issue sharing & collaboration in Jira Service Management.   This includes the Request Participants feature, issue sharing and emailing issues.

These functions are useful for alerting others about a particular issue either by email or copying and pasting a link to the issue.

How to Share an Issue

To share an issue, click the Share icon in the top right actions icon block.  This icon is shown below, highlighted in yellow.


To share an issue by copying the link:

  • Click the Share icon

  • Hover over the Copy link icon and click it

  • Paste the link

To share an issue by sending an email:

  • Click the Share icon

  • In the Name, teams or emails box, enter the email addresses 

  • Enter a message if desired
  • Click Share

An email with a link to view the issue will be delivered to the recipients specified. 

How to Add an External User to the Atlassian Portal

External users (users without an email address) can collaborate on issues but must be added to the Jira Portal first.  This can be done by using the View Request in Portal function of an issue.   From there, the external user can be added via Share.  This will generate an email to the user with a link to sign up for a Jira Portal Account.   An example of this email is shown below: 

This portal account is required to use the Customer Portal to view the issue and view future issues using other collaboration methods. It is not required to receive Customer Notifications via email channels.

See also, Orange Tracker Add a Customer

How to Use Request Participants

Request participants are people who agents have shared a request with. They can view, comment on, and receive notifications about the issue.  By default, they receive the same notifications as the reporter of the request but can turn off these notifications at any time.   An external account must already be present in the Jira Portal for it to be available to be added to request Participants.   Users with an active Syracuse University NetID will be available to be added to the request Participants with no additional setup.

Agents can add participants by adding them in the Request Participants field in the issue view.    The first time an external user is added to the Request Participants field on an issue, they will be added to the Jira Portal.

See also, Orange Tracker Comments and Talking to Customers - Adding a Request Participant.


Watch, share and comment from the issue view

What Are Request Participants