It's possible but it must be approved in advance via this form and will need to satisfy a number of requirements.

What could count:

  1. You'll need to be enrolled in a faculty-supervised internship course at the institution where you'll be while you're away.
  2. It must carry at least 3 SU credits or the equivalent, and you'll need to receive a letter grade (no pass-fail courses).
  3. You'll need to spend at least 135 hours on work for the internship (the SU standard is 45 hours per credit).
  4. You'll need to request preliminary approval before you start the internship; more on that below.

What to do before you go:

  1. You must apply for preliminary approval in advance by filling out a form at the link above or at the end (same form).
  2. The form will request the following information about the internship:

    • The name of the organization where you'll do the internship
    • The location of the organization
    • The name of your supervisor at the organization
    • The number of hours you expect to work
    • The course number of the internship class mentioned above (not PST 410)
    • The number of SU-equivalent credits you'll be earning
    • The name of the faculty member supervising the internship class

Please note that the name you enter for the faculty supervisor should be the person at the institution where you'll be while away who will be responsible for assigning your grade. Except in unusual circumstances it will not be a faculty member in Syracuse.

What to do at the end of the internship:

  1. You'll need to file a petition for final approval. Petitions will only be accepted for internships that received preliminary approval. Please be sure to apply for preliminary approval before doing the internship.
  2. The petition will need to be accompanied by three reports on the internship: (1) one by you, (2) one from your supervisor at the organization, and (3) one from the faculty member overseeing the class and responsible for assigning the grade. Often, all three reports will be normal parts of your internship and can be forwarded with your petition. If your internship does not require you to submit a report we can provide a template.
  3. If all of the reports are satisfactory, your petition will be approved and you'll be able to count the internship toward the Policy Studies 410 requirement.
  4. Reminder: only internships that are approved in advance will be accepted in lieu of 410. It is NOT possible to have an internship approved after the fact.
  5. Please note that the petition will exempt you from the 410 requirement rather than giving you actual credit for 410: you won't see PST 410 on your transcript.

Where to apply for preliminary approval:

Link to application form: apply here.

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