What if the service requested is not for Facilities Services?

A: Change the status to No Action Taken by Facilities and enter a memo to help direct the requester to the appropriate contact, if you know.  An email will go back to the requester with the comment entered.

Image of Decline Request

Image of Declined Request Email

What if the work order gets completed and the actual work is not complete?

A: (1) Open the original service request and (2) Change the status to In Progress

Image of Reopen Resolved Service Request

(3) Create a new Work Order and (4) Go to Related Records to open the new Work Order

Image of Create Work Order from Service Request

Image of Service Request Related Records

(4) Schedule or Dispatch the new Work Order.  MAKE SURE YOU contact the shop supervisor so they know this is a request that was not completed and had to be reopened.  Also make sure to add any notes to help the technician know has and hasn't been done (see #5 below).

Image of Work Order Assignment

(5) Add a Work Log to the new Work Order to let the technician know what was done with the previous work order and what the requester reports what was NOT done.

How do I know if the request is a Duplicate Request?  What do I do?

If when you open the Service Request, the Work Order May Already Exist - WO # is highlighted in red and a number exists in the field

Note:  This turns red when there exists another work order in the same location as the Service Request within the prior 3 days

Duplicate Service Request Field

OR you may know that the new work order received is a duplicate

Example of how to relate multiple Service Requests to a single Work Order:

Service Request #1 is created for a Flood

Service Request #2 is created for the same Flood

Service Request #3 is created for the same Flood

(1) Create a Work Order for Service Request #1 as you normally would.  Note the Work Order #.

(2) Open Service Request #2

(3) Go to the related records tab

(4) Click on Select Work Order or New Row in the Related Work Orders Section to relate the work order you already created for Service Request #1 to Service Request #2

Add a Related Work Order to a Service Request Image

If clicking on Select Work Order Button

a. Click on the Filter icon

b. Type in the Work Order Number in the Work Order Box

c. Hit <enter>

d. Check the Box Next to the Work Order

e. Click on Ok

Select Work Order Image

If Selecting the New Row Button

a. Click on the arrow next to the Work Order Box

New Row for Syracuse Work Order Image

b. Select Go To Syracuse Work Order

c. Search for the Work Order your created for Service Request #1, hit <enter>

Search for Work Order Image

d. Select the appropriate work order from the results list to open the work order

e. Click on the link in the upper right that says Return with Value

Work Order Return with Value Image

(5) Save 

(6) Do the same for Service Request #3

Once the Work Order is Completed, all 3 Services Requests will be resolved and send emails to all the requesters who entered the issues.

Note:  The 1st Service Request will resolve as soon as the work order goes to complete, the subsequent service requests may take up to 30 minutes to go to resolved.

What if I create too many work orders for one service request?  How do I cancel the extra work orders?

If too many work orders are created accidently for the same service request:

(1)  Open the Service Request

(2) Go to the Related Records Tab

(3) Select the Duplicate Work Order by clicking on the arrow next to the work order number

Service Request Related Records Tab

(4) Change the status on the duplicate work order to Cancelled

Change Status of Work Order for Duplicate

(5) Re-query the Service Request and ensure there is no change to the status of the service request but now the related records show one work order cancelled

Cancelled Work Order on Service Request

What if CNY Pest Control calls dispatch and needs a door sweep or housekeeping cleanup, what do I do?

You'll need to create a new work order associated to the original Service Request.  PLEASE ENSURE THE SERVICE REQUEST IS STILL IN PROGRESS.  Otherwise the requester will have gotten an email that said the issue is resolved and the pest issue is still not resolved.

This is currently true for any services needed for

  • Custodial
  • Housekeeping 
  • Grounds
  • Energy Management
  • Elevators
  • Pest Control

These areas do not work via the assignments, they instead complete the entire work order.    Therefore if there are any incomplete assignments for other shops (i.e., Plumbing, Machine Shop, Carpenters, etc.) on the work order these will be completed when the work may not actually be done.  We are working to change this with Custodial, Housekeeping and Grounds but the change has not yet been made.

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