What if the service requested is not for Facilities Services?

A: Change the status to No Action Taken by Facilities and enter a memo to help direct the requester to the appropriate contact, if you know.  An email will go back to the requester with the comment entered.

Image of Decline Request

Image of Declined Request Email

What if the work order gets completed and the actual work is not complete?

A: (1) Open the original service request and (2) Change the status to In Progress

Image of Reopen Resolved Service Request

(3) Create a new Work Order and (4) Go to Related Records to open the new Work Order

Image of Create Work Order from Service Request

Image of Service Request Related Records

(4) Schedule or Dispatch the new Work Order.  MAKE SURE YOU contact the shop supervisor so they know this is a request that was not completed and had to be reopened.

Image of Work Order Assignment

How do I know if the request is a Duplicate Request?  What do I do?

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What if I create too many work orders for one service request?  How do I cancel the extra work orders?

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What if CNY Pest Control (Jeff the bug guy) calls dispatch and needs a door sweep or housekeeping cleanup, what do I do?

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