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How to purchase FOOD/PLUS points

  1. You must log into Myslice with a students netid and password.
  2. Select the Housing link on the Student Services pagelet.
  3. Select Dinning tab.
  4. Be sure to select the correct semester if more than one is available.
  5. Choose ‘Purchase Food or Plus’ from dropdown then select ‘Continue’
  6. Verify you have selected the correct semester.
  7. Select the Point Type you wish to purchase, FOOD or PLUS
  8. Select the amount you wish to purchase.
  9. After you have selected the correct amount click ‘Submit My Points Purchase’
  10. Once you have submitted your purchase you will see this message. (System Message)
  11. You will receive an email confirmation of the purchase sent to your email address.
  12. NOTE: AVAILABILITY that tells you when the purchase will be available for use on your SUID.

Money added to the account will reflect on the Bursar bill/account on Friday.

Before 7pm the points added to student account will be available next morning.

After 7pm the points added to student accounts will be available 1 day later.

Unused points on your account, carry over from fall to spring semester.