• Why would I manually enter a Requisition, Purchase Order, or an Invoice?  Because when the ePro entry was done in PeopleSoft, the Work Order field was not added.  The interface from PeopleSoft to Maximo depends on the Work Order field in PeopleSoft to be entered and correct.

Steps to Enter Purchased Materials directly in Maximo (these would normally come through the Integration)

Create Purchase Requisition

  • Select Purchase Requisition from far left menu

Image of Purchase Requisition Menu

  • Select New Purchase Requisition from middle left menu

Image of New Purchase Requisition

  • Enter ePro Req # from PeopleSoft
  • Enter the Requisition Description
  • Company / Vendor

Image of Purchase Requisition Header

  • Click on the tab for PR Lines
    • New Row
    • Line #
    • Line type = MATERIAL (If this is for Inventory the line type = ITEM and you would need a part number)
    • Description
    • WO#
    • Qty
    • UOM
    • Unit Cost
    • Save
    • From the middle left menu select the link to: Approve Purchase Requisitions
    • Ok

Image of Purchase Order Lines

Image of Approve Purchase Requisition

Create Purchase Order

  • Middle Left Menu in Purchase Requisition: Create PO

Image of Purchase Requsition Data Entry

    • Enter PO # from PeopleSoft
    • Ok

Image of Create Purchase Order

  • Go to the Purchase Order (link from Purchase Requisition Line or from far left menu)

Image of Go To Purchase Order from Purchase Requisition

Image of Go to Purchase Order Related Record

    • Click on the tab for PO Lines
      • Change Line # to represent PeopleSoft PO Line #, Schedule #, Distribution #
      • Save

Image of Purchase Order Lines

  • Approve PO (middle left menu)
  • Ok

Image of Approve Purchase Order

  • Go to Receiving (far left menu.  Note: You may have to click on Return in the upper left to go to the far left menu.   Then click on Ok if you're back at the View Related Records page from the Purchase Requisitions. This is dependent on how you got to the purchase order.)
    • Change query to All Records

Image of Maximo Receiving

    • Search for PO # and Open 

Image of Search for Open Purchase Order

      • Click on New Row button
      • Enter PO Line Number you’re receiving
      • Change Quantity if receiving # is different than PO Quantity

 Image of Maximo Receive Materials

      • Click Save

Create Invoice

  • Go to Invoices (far left menu)
  • Click on the link for New Invoice in the middle left menu
  • Enter PeopleSoft Voucher #
  • Enter the Vendor Name for the description
  • Enter PO #
  • Enter the Vendor Invoice Number

Image of Invoice Header

  • Click on the tab for Invoice Lines
    • Actions > Copy PO Lines

Image of Create Invoice

  • Select the correct PO and Line

Image of Purchase Order Lines

  • Click on OK
  • Save
  • Select the link to Approve Invoice from the middle left menu
  • Click on Ok

Image of Approve Invoice

To verify the data entry: Go to Syracuse Work Order:

  • Make sure the PR, PO, and Invoice are there on the Purchases Tab
  • On the Work Order Tab, check the materials you received are there
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