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The collaboratories on the second and third floor are rooms set aside for meetings, video conferencing, team project space, and DPS Residencies.  Thew collaboratories have recently been upgraded to integrate webcams and microphones directly into the room, as well as replaced the projector with new TVs.  

Collaboratory Layout

The image below has all of the primary collaboratory technology individually labeled.

The webcam has been directly mounted to the wall, and can be connected to a laptop though the USB hub located to the bottom left.

The Extron panel controls the video input, volume, and TV power.

The Webcam/microphone USB outlet is how the rooms webcam and microphone are connected to a laptop, which is highlighted in the image below.

In order for the room to be ready for a video conference the user needs to connect 2 USB cables from the respective wall spots to their laptop.

NOTE:  All of the cables will be located in each collaboratory.


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