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(tick)  Edit issues in the issue navigator

(tick)  New ways to manage email notifications from Jira

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Edit Issues in the Issue Navigator

Additional fields are now able to be edited directly from the issue navigator. Directly edit summary, labels, and due date fields in the issue navigator (search & filter results) without the hassle of going into each issue.

To edit these fields:

  1. Select Issues on the project sidebar.

  2. In the list view, select a summary, due date, or labels field and make changes.

New ways to manage email notifications from Jira

We've moved notification preferences out of your Personal settings page into its own Notifications space where we can continually develop ways for you to take control of your Orange Tracker notifications.

We've also replaced the old notification configurations with 10 notification preference options, so you have even more control of what notifications you actually want to receive.

To see the change - select your profile and settings icon, then select Notifications.

Notify on own actions

 With the new notification experience, Atlassian has returned the ability in the new notification experience to receive email notification on your own actions.