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Users can select to receive notifications for updated, impending, or created items in Blackboard


  1. On the top right side of Blackboard, click on the arrow next to your name
    Click arrow next to your name

  2. Click Settings

  3. Select Edit Notification Settings
    Edit Notification Settings

  4. Under Edit Bulk Notification Settings select either Courses I am taking or Courses I am teaching

  5. Highlight the course you want to change the settings for from the Items to Select column and click the right arrow. The selected course should now appear in the Selected Items column
    Select Course

  6. Alternatively, you can choose to select All courses.
    Select All Courses

  7. Once you have selected your courses, select the notification settings you want changed. Note that the multiple notifications options can be selected if it is not grayed put. Use the On/Off checkbox to turn the notification on/off

    Select Notification Settings
    1. The Dashboard column controls notifications that appear on your Blackboard Dashboard
    2. The Mobile column controls notifications that appear through the Blackboard mobile application (NOT to your mobile phone number)
    3. The Email column controls notifications that will be sent to your Syracuse email address

  8. Click Submit to save changes

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