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This page is to show you how to configure your syracuse email within the Mail application on Mac Computers.

Getting to Mail Setup

  1. Start Apple Mail (is located in the dock by default).

    First Account in Mail?

    If you do not have an account already in mail you can skip down to Setting up Mail

  2. Go to Apple Mail's Preferences. Click the Accounts tab at the top.
    preferences location in mail menu drop down
  3. To add a new account click the small + button under Accounts.
    click the plus button for adding an account

Setting up Mail

  1. It will prompt you to choose a mail account to add. Select Exchange and hit continue.

    Choose Mail Account Menu

  2. You should see the following:  
    Enter your e-mail address and the password corresponding to the syr email address. After that click "Continue".

    Form to add Sumail credentials

  3. In the User Name box, type your NetID plus (for example, This is your e-mail address.

    Form for SUmail credentials

  4. In the Password box, type your NetID password. (If it is already entered, you do not need to enter it again.)
  5. Set the Server Address to 

    Exchange Server

    If you have an Exchange account the server should be :

  6. Upon entering a correct email address and the correct server, this should be your next screen.

    Screen to show which Apps you want to choose for SUmail

  7. Choose the things that you would like mail to sync with. Now hit done and wait a bit for the email to be loaded into Apple Mail.