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Simple Searching

Type your search into the search box at the top right of the screen:

As you start to enter words into the box, Answers will match on pages that have those words in the title and show you an abbreviated list of the pages found:

You can click on one of the page links to go to that page, or press Enter when you are done typing terms to perform a full site search and get a list of all the pages that include your search terms.  The screenshot below shows the first three results from a search for "MySlice errors":

If you misspell a word, or use a word that has pages with similarly spelled terms, Answers may suggest alternative search terms for you to select:

You can click on the suggested term to perform a search using that term.

More Advanced Searching

Exact Phrase:

Use double quotes around the phrase.  Ex:  "cell phone" will search for pages containing that exact phrase instead of the word "cell" and "phone" anywhere in the document.

Using OR in searches:

Searches for pages that contain either of the words.  Ex:  apple OR mac  will search for pages that contain either the word apple or the word mac.

Using AND in searches:

Searches for pages that contain both of the search terms.  Ex:  OSX AND 10.7 will return only pages that have both the word OSX and the number 10.7.

Using NOT in searches:

Searches for pages that contain the first term but not the term that appears after word NOT.  Ex:  media NOT social will find pages that have the word media but not the word social.

Title Searches:

To search for pages that only have the term in the page title.  Ex:  title:  Wireless will find pages that have the word wireless in the page title.

Wildcard Searches:

To search for  a word with any character at a single position within the word, use ?    Ex:  si?e  will find pages with "site," "size," "side," or any other character at the 3rd position.

To search for word that begin with the same string, use *   Ex:  print*  will find pages with printer, printing, and any other word that begins with "print."


You can't use the wildcards at the beginning of a word, but you can use them in the middle or at the end of a word: 
*systems is invalid.
system* is valid.
iP*d is valid.


Combined Searches:

You can combine different search operators together:

(Vista OR 7) AND Windows

"Outlook 2010" AND SUmail

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