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A quick guide on Hijack This

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This program only looks at a computer and makes recommendations as to what should be changed/deleted. If you are not sure about something do NOT delete the file. Ask for further help from a professional!


Hijack this is a very thorough program that looks through the file and registry settings and then creates a log. After this log is created it allows the capability to go online and retrieve a list of possible problematic settings. This program does not look through a database of known errors but online looks at changes it doesn't recognize.


First you need to download the programs executable files. Go to Hijack This and on then click on the quick start guide link and download the files the guide tells you to.

Using the Program

After installing the program open the program and run a system scan. Once this scan completes click analyze which will guide you to a webpage that will give you further information about the log created by the scan and will help direct you about the deletion of infected registry's.

You can also save the log in a text file. From this you can either find a forum and post your log and ask people to review it or you can also go to their website and paste the log. This website will help give you more information about what to delete.

Sources and Relevant Links

Main website
Download Hijack This