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Managing your Printing account and quota

Table of Contents

ITS Public Lab Printing

Students are provided a $20 credit at the beginning of each academic year for printing services in the ITS public computer labs. The University's online Print Quota Management System automatically deducts the cost of the printing service from the $20 credit until the $20 credit is exhausted.

ITS Public Computer Lab Printing Services

Black-ink copies at 4 cents per sheet of paper (letter size; 8.5" x 11"). Each sheet has a front page and a back page (2 pages per sheet).

Double-sided (duplex printing)

  • 2 cents per page, printed or unprinted.
  • Duplex printing is the default printer setting in all labs.
  • Go Green! Note that double-sided documents essentially use half the paper and cost half as much as single-sided documents. 
  • Instructions for duplex printing:
    1. Choose PRINT in the File Menu
    2. Select PROPERTIES from the PRINT Menu
    3. Select TWO-SIDED (DUPLEX) PRINTING and click OK


  • 4 cents per printed page.

Wireless Printing through AirOrangeX

  • Click the following link for instructions on how to use SU's wireless public printers in the Panasci Lounge on the third floor of the Schine Student Center (near the elevators), in the atrium of the Life Sciences Building, in Haven Hall, and in Hinds Hall.
    • LE-PQ-Public-Schine-Panasci
    • LE-PQ-LSC_Atrium_Wireless_Printer
    • LE-PQ-Haven_Wireless_Printer
    • LE-PQ-Hinds_Wireless_Printer

Adding Money to your Printing Account

  • When the initial $20 credit has been exhausted, students can use a credit card to add money to their printing account through the University's online Print Quota Management System.
  • Students can also use cash to add money to their account through the Schine Copy Center, Room 103 Schine Student Center, during normal business hours.
  • Students will be notified via e-mail when their printing account balance drops below $5 and $1.

A print job that exceeds the balance remaining in a student's account will not print. For example, if there is $1 remaining in the account and a student submits a job for 30 single-sided pages (which would require a balance of $1.20) the job will not print.

No Refunds

  • No refunds are provided from the University's Print Quota Management System.
  • Students who do not use all of their initial $20 credit will not receive a refund for any balance left on the account at the end of the year.
  • Students who add money to their accounts for additional pages will not receive a refund for any balances left on the account at the end of the year.
  • All student printing accounts are reset to the $20 credit limit between the end of the second Summer Session and the beginning of the new academic year.

Credits - Poor Quality Output

If an ITS-supported Public Computer Lab printer creates poor-quality printouts, students can bring the poor-quality printout to the Schine Copy Center and receive a credit on their printing account.

Managing your Printing Account

Students can manage their printing accounts using the University's Print Quota Management System. The system enables students to do the following:

  • View the amount of money credited to them in their accounts
  • View their printing history
  • Add money to their account using a credit card

Wireless Printing

To use the school's printers you must install the SURA utility and connect to the schools network printers
How to use the SURA utility > Network Printers.


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