About Generic Accounts

Generic accounts are useful for several purposes:  department email,  room reservations, testing and/or other application support, and equipment reservations.  Additionally, departments may request that a former employee's account be converted to a generic account so that content (email, saved files, etc.) can be managed.  

Generic accounts are sponsored by the SU staff or faculty that is responsible for the use of the account.   DSP can request generic accounts for their department(s) (see Create Generic Account Request for more information ).  The generic account request must be approved by the ITS Help Desk before the generic account can be created.

Information for Active Directory OU Administrators

  • You will be able to request NetID’s up to 20 characters long for this type of account (not for real people!).  No need for an alias to support a long account name.
  • A random password is set when the account is created.
  • It is no longer necessary to create an e- account for email delivery.   The ability to create e- accounts in IWM is being removed.
  • The SAMAccountname will match the NetID.