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Change / Update contact information for Orange Alert

This page provides information on how to update telephone numbers or email addresses that are incorrect or outdated in Orange Alert system. 


Please follow the steps below. 

1. Log into MySlice

2. Click the "Orange Alert" link in the Orange Alert System applet.

locate the orange alert location in myslice

3. Click the "Add/Update/Delete Contact Details" button.

The Orange Alert page is shown.

4. Add, update, or delete any information as needed. Please note that in order to use the text message option for ORANGE ALERT, you must add a new phone number with the "Type" set to "Mobile", or use the ORANGE ALERT Private Phone option at the bottom of the page. ORANGE ALERT Private Phone is your private, unpublished telephone number. It is not releasable and will not appear with your listing in the University's electronic and internet directories. If you enter a private telephone number, it will only be used by the ORANGE ALERT system and for no other purposes.

The Orange Alert editable contact information is shown.

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