Step 1: Determine if ASL Interpreting Services and/or CART will be needed

Visit Guidelines for CART and ASL Interpreting to determine whether ASL Interpreting services and/or CART services will be needed.

Step 2: Contact your vendor

American Sign Language Interpreting

There are several area service providers for American Sign Language Interpreting, including:

Aurora of CNY


Whole Me, Inc.

CART,  or Communication Access Realtime Translation

NOTE: All CART providers listed below work remotely and can provide services for both in-person or virtual events (See Web Conferencing Comparison page to determine whether your video platform supports live captions)

Automatic Sync Technologies/CaptionSync (fulfilled by Alternative Communication Services)

Caption Advantage, LLC

Professional Reporting Services

Step 3: Location Arrangements

  1. Consult the CART Equipped Spaces page to be sure your event location supports CART
  2. Notify the event space and/or Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP)  that you have booked ASL/CART services
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