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Blackboard  Assignments can be graded online allowing students immediate feedback.

When used with group assignments, all members of the group can view comments without requiring the instructor to duplicate grading. You can also add comments to individual group members.


1. Go to the Grade Center and click in the cell of the assignment you want to grade, and select "Attempt xx/xx/xxxx," where xx/xx/xxxx is the date the assignment was submitted:

Select Attempt

2. The Grade Assignment window opens:
(Note: these file types are supported: Microsoft® Word (DOC, DOCX); Microsoft® PowerPoint® (PPT, PPTX); Microsoft® Excel® (XLS, XLSX); PDF.)

Click to add comment and grade

  • Clicking the print icon allows you to print the assignment file.
  • Clicking down arrow icon allows you to download a PDF file of the assignment including annotations. 
  • Clicking the "comment bubble" icon lets you add a comment anywhere in the assignment.
  • Highlighting text opens a pop-up that gives you the choice to add a comment to the highlighted text or just to leave it highlighted:

Highlight Text


  • Hovering over a comment to expands it, allowing you to read it:

Highlight Comment and Point Comment


3. You can enter the grade for the assignment on the right side along with overall comments for the student or personal notes by clicking on the expand chevron:

Expand Comment

This reveals the comment section:

Comment Section



Rubrics allow for more detailed and focused comments. Look at the Answers page on Rubrics or contact Online Learning Services for more information.

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