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This is a guide on how to setup a Compliance Sheriff scan to only look for the content that is in a particular space or sub-tree of a much larger site.

Content-Managers: The content in which you are responsible is anything from the TITLE of the page to the beginning of the comments section/footer.

Note: Pages cannot be scanned that require authentication at this time. To scan pages that require authenticated will require using Selenium which is an add on for you browser and requires additional configuration.

Scan Settings

Scan Settings window in Compliance Sheriff Showing Selected Scan Settings

  1. In a web browser navigate to the sub-tree start page.
    1. In Answers Click on the Navigation and Choose the space you wish to scan. The URL should follow this format
      1.<space name>/<home page>
    2. Copy the link, keeping in mind that you only need the url to include the space name
      1. i.e.
    3. Check that this link takes you to the space home page by pasting it in to a browser and navigating to it.
      1. Note: do not use the x Link for your space page, it may cause unwanted redirects.
        1. i.e. do not use this in Compliance Sheriff
  2. In Compliance Sheriff go to the Scans Tab and Create a New Scan
  3. Paste the link into the Starting URL field and edit the Display Name to include your department and a convenient name for you.
    1. Currently it is nice to include the pages and levels in the Display Name for ease of reuse.
      1. i.e. AASC - Answers itsserapp01 P100 L10
  4. Choose the Checkpoint in which you wish to scan the site with
    1. OCR Prioritizing Checkpoint is Recommended at this time. We are looking into create a specific Checkpoint for answers spaces.
  5. In the include URLs Matching add your space name so that if you have links to other spaces it will not scan them.
  6. Save the scan and run it.
  7. Next Setup a View to show the results in a more digestible and complete way by following the guide in the follow link. (


Additional Notes

  1. You will need to take care in checking the contrast ratios on any content you have created. If you have ever change the color of a heading or fonts you will need to check those individually.
  2. Be sure that if you are using any tables that include excel like formatting to display data that the headers and column titles are labeled accurately.
  3. Be sure to check all images for Alt text that clearly define what is in the image.
  4. Be sure to check any links on the page so that the link text is descriptive of what the content following the link is.
  5. Be sure that you have proper headers and that they are following a descending format and not skipping from h1 to h5.
  6. You should try an ignore issue located in the current theme of answers. The theme will be upgraded to meet all accessibility standards prior to March 1st.
    1. Objects that should be ignore are located in these areas:
      1. Contrast Ratio on text and links in the Navigation Bar, side menu tree structure, breadcrumbs, comment box, and date modified.
      2. Page Fonts not being in EM's
      3. Navigation or footer Link color
      4. Form Labels and ARIA elements in the navigation

Scan a Specific Page

Follow these instructions if you wish to create a scan for only one specific page.

  1. Follow the instructions above to create a scan
  2. You will need to add the following to the transaction script to ensure only the page you wish is scanned
    1. Open a text editor and type the following code

      get "<full webpage url>" "" 
      example: get "" ""
    2. copy the line and paste it into the transaction script section (for some reason it doesn't allow the typing of quotes in the field but will allow it to be pasted)

    3. Make sure Max Pages is set to 1

    4. Run your scan



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