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Welcome to the SUMail home page at Syracuse University. This page includes details about our email systems including login, password, and support information. 

SUMail Login

To log in, click the button below:

Log into SUMail

SU Email Policies: Every user of a Syracuse University email account should be aware of the Syracuse University email policy. Additionally, all email account users should be aware of practices to keep your email account safe.

Listserv: For information regarding Listserv, please visit Listserv at Syracuse University home page.

About SUMail Accounts

SUMail is managed by the University and utilizes Microsoft's cloud services. This partnership provides students several powerful and convenient features, including:

  • Increased mailbox sizes up to 100 GB
  • Modern Outlook Web experience
  • Increased security with multi-factor authentication
  • Increased spam, virus, and phishing protection

Your SUMail email address is your For example if your NetID is xyzsmith your SUMail email address would be  

SUMail uses the same password that you set up for your NetID.

To manage your NetID, including password management, activation, and two-factor authentication (MFA), visit

To add your SUMail to a personal device, use the instructions on the SUMail Configurations page.

Want to filter mail, file junk, or block messages? SUMail accounts can utilize the Junk folder to both manage mail filtering and block messages. Additional information, including instructions, can be found on the Microsoft Junk Folder page.

New Student? When can you log in?

Newly matriculated students are assigned an official email address approximately 24-48 hours after they have submitted their Admissions Acceptance Form (undergraduate) or the Intent to Register Form (graduate, Law), paid tuition deposit, been confirmed as matriculated, and have activated their NetID.

First-time non-matriculated students (e.g. University College) are assigned an official email address usually within a day after they have submitted their registration.

Do you use Apple Mail or the Outlook App? 

Users who wish to add SUmail to their Apple Mail App on macOS or iOS can find instructions on how to do that below.

Users who wish to add SUmail to the Outlook Application can find instructions on how to do that below.

Alumni Email Accounts

SUMail email addresses for alumni will be available for as long as SUMail remains the official Syracuse University email system; although Microsoft reserves the right to display advertisements to SUMail users whom are not current students. Contents in your alumni mailbox might be removed if your mailbox is not used for more than 12 months.

Don't Have a NetID? Alumni who don't have a NetID and wish to get a SUMail email account should contact the Help Desk at 315.443.2677 or If a NetID can be provided for you, you can go to to activate the NetID and then sign up for SUMail.

Alumni who do not currently have an account can visit, click on "Additional Services" and select "Sign Up For SUMail."

Additional Information

Even though your account will remain as long as SUMail continues to be the official email system, you still will need to keep up with your yearly password changes as you would have when you were a current/matriculated student.

If you forget to change it and your account has locked, or you have forgotten your password, do not hesitate to reach out to us at the listed contact information above!

Access After Graduation, Resignation, or Retirement

Syracuse University licenses email accounts for active students, staff, faculty, retired faculty (including emeriti), and also active associates whose role supports the University's mission. When a person is no longer in any of these roles, access to the mailbox may be removed.

For complete information, including how long you will have access after your status change, please view our IT Resource Access for Inactive Affiliations page on Answers.

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315-443-2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.

Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to begin support by contacting their academic or administrative support personnel.