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Technical support of special events sponsored by SU faculty and staff is a LEMP fee-based service. Please note that there are many events for which LEMP simply does not have adequate equipment or staff resources to support. In those instances, LEMP staff may be available to act in a consulting or even a brokerage role in terms of communicating event requirements and facility information to commercial service providers.

To request support please fill out this online form: Event Support Request Form


The in and out of scope sections below are guidelines to assist event planners in working with LEMP and/or commercial service providers. LEMP will be as flexible as resources allow in working with these guidelines. Out of scope requests require the approval of the ITS director of LEMP.

Lead Time

Two weeks minimum, one month or more preferred

Adequate lead time is necessary to provide quality special events technical support services. Two weeks is the minimum lead time required by LEMP to plan support of a simple special event (e.g. scheduling an operator for an existing in-house system). A minimum of one month lead time is required for more complicated events, such as those requiring delivery and set up of audio, computer, or video systems. One hour is the minimum set up time required for simple events. 


  • Laptop Rental–$75
  • Projector Rental–$100
  • PA System Rental–$150
  • Staff Charges–$45/hr

In Scope

  • Requests with sufficient lead time and set up time
  • Events for which there are adequate LEMP staff and equipment resources to properly support
  • Syracuse University events
  • Academic or academic-related events
  • On campus events and events on University property
  • Events during office hours (after hour support depends on staff availability)
  • Special Events sponsored by SU faculty and staff

Out of Scope

  • Requests without adequate lead time and set up time
  • Events for which there are not adequate LEMP staff and equipment resources to properly support
  • Non-Syracuse University events
  • Off campus events and events not on University property
  • Outdoor events
  • Conferences
    • Multiple weekday conferences
    • Conferences requiring more than two technical support staff
  • Event production
  • Musical and theatrical events
  • Student sponsored events unless approved by Student Life and/or Student Centers and Programming Services for use of already installed systems

Contact information for ITS supported special events support

Learning Environments:

  • Andrew Wowelko- 443-5661 (primary LE contact)
  • Steven Lobello- 443-5661 (primary LE contact)

Examples of services provided

  • Consulting and event planning (a reasonable amount of time, relevant to AV needs)
  • Technical referral service
  • Coordinate scheduling and payment of CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) operators for special events when requests are received at least two weeks in advance
  • Coordination of equipment and technical assistance provided by outside vendors if outsourcing for equipment and/or technical assistance is required
  • Provide public address systems, audiovisual equipment, and computer/video projection systems to the university community for special events
  • Technical assistance to operate equipment/systems
  • Auditoria and venue public address system operation
  • Live streaming media
  • Videoconferencing, Adobe Connect Webconferencing, and Webinars
  • Conference support (limited to single day events requiring no more than simultaneous support of two ITS staff)
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