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Metadata at Syracuse University

Metadata policies and procedures are currently under review. Information will be made available as it is further developed.


SU Library Developments and Information

The Library wiki will give some library wide info. You can also see how cataloging projects are being discussed.

Cataloging Documentation

We have a small staff and a large number of resources to describe. In order to make best use of our time we are creating different standards for handling items with matching records in OCLC. Please refer to documentation for each format to see what is good enough in 2009. These descriptions are different than the preceding record requirements. The wiki contains local information on how we catalog here. If you need to know questions that aren't specific to this library look in the National documentation section.

MARC Tools


Welcome to the Syracuse Cataloging Wiki! This wiki was created to speed up communication of changes of cataloging procedures as well as other departmental information. It is meant so that staff can share their good ideas with their colleagues.

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