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Welcome to printing at Syracuse University! Here you will find details about managing print accounts on campus, how to print, and support information. If require assistance, contact the ITS Help Desk. 

Table of Contents

Print Account Management

Log into your print account:

Log into Printing

Student Quotas

Students are provided a $40 credit at the beginning of each academic year in August (this $40 credit covers the next 12 months) for printing services in the ITS public computer labs.

Full instructions on managing the print account, including adding funds, can be found on the Print Account Management Interface page.

Alumni, Retiree and Guest Print Accounts

Alumni, Retiree and Guests of the university are able to print at public workstations. Instructions for creating a guest print account can be found on the alumni and guest printing home.

Recent Graduate?

Alumni who have graduated in the last 18 months can still log into ITS lab locations. However, these alumni will still need to create a guest account if they wish to print and will not be able to print using their previous NetID and password login or from funds that existed on their account when they had active status on campus. All users in alumni status will need to print at public workstations.

How to Print

There are many ways to print on campus. Use the directions below for your preferred method in the sections below.

Print from a Campus Computer

Students can log into any library or ITS-managed printer and print a document.

Printing Varies by Location

Some academic departments, such as Maxwell and Newhouse, manage their own labs. To access departmental computer labs, contact the respective academic department or visit the school and college support page. Those who have provided details instructions regarding printing at their locations can be found below.

Email to Print

If you are unsure where on campus you'd like to print, the option of emailing your document to be printed later is enabled.

Black and White Duplex Only

You are strongly encouraged to visit a lab and print normally. While email to print is enabled, it is limited black and white duplex printing only. Be aware that picking any alternative format will have inconsistent results.

To print, simply email your document to Students can then log in at any library or ITS-managed printer to print their document.  

ITS Lab and Library Printers Only

Email to print is only available at the library and ITS-managed printers. Guest accounts can utilizie email to print using the instructions found on the Library support page.

Once you have sent your email with the document you wish to be printed, log into Your job will populate within 1 minute on the jobs pending release queue.

Wireless Printing

Mobility Print

Wireless printing is available in public locations and labs at Syracuse University via Mobility Print.

ITS Lab and Library Printers Only

Not all printers on campus are available for Mobility Print including printers in office locations and in school or college managed labs. In these cases, you'll be required to manually configure your device to print at your desired location. Manual configuration is available for Mac OS and Windows computers. For directions, see the section immediately below Mobility Print.

Printing instructions vary by operating system. Select the operating system you would like to print from in the Mobility Print configuration documentation or from the list below.

MacOS Yosemite+ and Newer
iOS 11.0 and Newer
Android 4.4 and Newer

Chrome OS

Note that Chrome OS version 69+ and newer is supported for Mobility Print, however, it is not a supported operating system on campus.

Manual Wireless Printing

Configuration instructions vary by operating system. Select your desired operating system below.

VPN Connection Required

A virtual private network (or VPN) connection is required to manually configure wireless printing on Windows and Mac devices. Secure access to Syracuse University's network on Windows devices is available through the use of SURA. Links to Mac instructions are included in the pages below.

MacOS (Direct Connect)

Departmental Support Pages

Below you will find pages dedicated to printing within particular departments. Note that prices, sizes, and print types will vary by department.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science

The College of Law - Wireless Printing

The School of Information Studies

Syracuse University Libraries

Administrative Support Pages

Administrative support documentation, including admin interface, server, and printer guidance can be found on the Print Management at Syracuse University home page.

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.





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