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Accessibility Checklist for Content Editors


This process should be followed whenever a new page or new content is added to an AEA website. Additional instructions can be found on the AEA Accessible Content page in Answers.


  • Alt text is descriptive
  • Alt text is unique on the page (not used more than once)                               
  • Alt text does not include the words “image” or “graphic”                              
  • Alt text does not include special characters                                                


  • Headings are nested by their level (H1 to H6) and do not skip levels                 
  • H1 heading is not used in the content area (H1 headings are reserved for page titles)


  • The site’s default CSS has not been overwritten with inline styles                    


  • Underlines are not added to content (Underlines are reserved for hyperlinks)
  • Long content is broken into paragraphs or bulleted lists to aid readability
  • The purpose part of the text is linked                                                      
  • The text does not include “click here” or “learn more” or “more”


  • The word [PDF] follow the document text and is included as part of the link      
  • PDF has been made accessible                                                                  

Other documents

  • The correct file type has been added to the link text such as [Word] or [Excel]
  • The document has been made accessible                                                    


  • Close captioning has been turned on for the video and verified that it matches the audio     
  • Title attribute has been added to the HTML


  • Tables were not used for content (not accessible and not responsive for mobile users)
  • No labels