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Who should I expect to see?

For Faculty/Staff with Exchange mailboxes, the Global Address lists will encompass the following populations:

  • Currently Active Staff and Faculty, with SUMail accounts
  • Currently Active Students, with SUMail accounts
  • Resource mailboxes managed by IT Staff (Equipment and Rooms)
  • Distribution lists managed by IT Staff
  • Contacts for external recipients that do not have SUMail accounts, also managed by IT staff

How to distinguish between people with similar names?

Due to the large number of users that appear in our global address list, it can seem overwhelming when searching for the appropriate individual, especially when names may be similar. Here are some ways to help distinguish who's who:

  • Search for a person by using additional attributes, such as last name, department, or title (Outlook only).
  • Distinguish between person's with similar names by using their "Title".
  • Use the sub-address lists to narrow your view to either Staff/Faculty or Students.

Search for a person by using additional attributes, in Outlook.

  1. Open the Global Address List using the Address Book button in the Outlook ribbon bar. You will want to be on the "Home" tab that is at the top right of the application.
    Outlook address book button
  2. Once the address book is open, click on the Advanced Find link to open the following window.
    outlook address book advanced find

Distinguishing between people using their Titles

All Faculty and Staff have their associated business titles (as provided by HR) populated in the Global Address List. For Student accounts, titles are all set to "Student" to help delineate who they are.

Example of Address List viewing in the Outlook desktop client

Example of Address List viewing in Outlook Web Access.

outlook web access address book1

Using sub-address lists to narrow your view

There are two sub-address lists that can be used to narrow your view of our active population.

  1. All Faculty/Staff
    This includes all Active Staff and Faculty members with Exchange mailboxes.
  2. All Students
    This includes all Active Students with Office 365 mailboxes.

Address Lists in Outlook for the Desktop

Address Lists in Outlook Web Access