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Our ITS office offers several technology resources for journals and recognized student organizations. These services are listed below.

Contacting IT

The recommended method of contacting the IT support staff is to send an email to  and this should be used for these requests or any other IT related request. Depending on your request, you might need to give up to 48 hours advance notice.

Email accounts

Each organization has an email account that should be used for communication on behalf of the organization or journal. Using this account provides continuity when your executives change. It also allows information to be shared since multiple students can access the account. To give additional students access to the email account, we need the names and SU email addresses.

Shared network file storage

The College of Law provides shared network space on the G drive to store your organization’s files. Please DO NOT save any files directly to the office computer’s C drives. We will not be responsible for any files lost from the computers.

Following the decommissioning of the SURA/VPN system in Spring 2022, the procedure for remote access to the files has changed.  To access shared files remotely, please connect to a virtual desktop using the university's RDS system.  This system will allow you to access shared files in much the same manner as your organization's physical computers in Dineen Hall.


You will be connected to a networked printer/copier in the shared organization space. The usual option is to give all members access to the printers.

Wireless Printing for Mac OS X
Wireless Printing for Windows -- College of Law


Your email listservs should be updated to reflect the new membership of your organization. We require the names and email addresses to add additional members.

Managing your Law Student Organization Listservs

Blackboard Organizations

Blackboard and/or TurnItIn are available to journals for managing submissions to Write-On competitions and other types of assignments.


We provide access to the Expressions service which is a university maintained implementation of the WordPress web hosting platform. Please note that we offer limited support for website maintenance.

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