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Required items:

SU VPN For Mac - https://answers.syr.edu/x/1QIO

SU NetID and Password


1) Install the SU VPN, following the steps detailed at the following website: https://answers.syr.edu/x/1QIO

2) Connect to the SU VPN.

3) In a web Browser, visit http://sura.syr.edu, and log in with your SU NetID and password.

4) Once you're in, you'll be shown several tabs. If it isn't already selected, click on the one titled "Mapping Drives".

5) The pathes for your Home Directory (H:) and Shared Drive (G:) will be listed for both Mac and Windows. The ones for Mac will start with "smb://". Choose one, and copy it.

6) Switch to Finder, but don't close the browser - you'll need it in a minute.

7) In Finder: Click Go, Then Connect to server, as shown :

8) Paste the path which you copied from the browser into the server address field. Before you click "Connect", click the + symbol. This will save the path.

9) Click connect. When you're asked for a username and a password, enter <netid@ad.syr.edu> as the username, and your NetID password as the password.

10) Go back to the browser, and copy the other path.

11) Go back to Finder, click Go, Connect to server, and paste the new path in, click +, then connect. Use the same username and password as before.

12) You should see an icon on your desktop now, called "Documents" that's bluish green with a picture of paper-cutout people holding hands. You should see a similar one called "Drives". If you don't: in Finder, click the Finder menu, then Preferences, then under the General tab, check the box for Connect to servers. Then you should see the icons appear on your desktop.

You can now drag and drop from your Mac to G: and H: as needed.

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