Department of Earth Sciences Policy for Support of Graduate Student Participation in National Conferences

This document provides clarity regarding our policy on supporting graduate students for participation in national conferences (specifically, AGU and GSA). The goal is to ensure everyone can take advantage of the support we can offer, and also be strategic in seeking funding for conference participation.

The department is able to provide graduate students with up to $700 per academic year to participate in a national conference (AGU and/or GSA; please note that this is per year, not per conference). To receive this support, a student must be presenting research in an oral or poster presentation at the conference.

The department staff often assist with arranging hotels for students at conferences (particularly GSA). Please be aware that the cost of the hotel room is part of the $700 that we can provide. Also, given the policy on reimbursements for travel at the University, we are often not able to reimburse travel expenses until after the travel has occurred. We are able to pay for some expenses directly if arrangements are made in advance with the main office staff (e.g. purchasing airline tickets on a University credit card).

In addition to department support, students are required to seek out funding available through the professional societies and the GSO, among other sources. Often when these sources are put together, the costs of conference participation (hotel, airfare, registration) can be fully covered.

The department expects students to take advantage of cost-saving measures, such as sharing hotel rooms with other students or colleagues, taking advantage of early registration discounts, and reserving hotel rooms and airfare early to minimize cost. 

We strongly encourage graduate students to present their research at AGU and/or GSA – it is a great opportunity to network, get feedback on your work, and practice communication about scientific ideas. The department hopes that the support offered helps students have this opportunity.

Dated: February 1, 2018 

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