It's best to have your computer fully patched from Settings > Windows Update.

Instruction on connecting to print queues in A&S. This works when connected to SU's network. We have 64 bit drivers installed.

  • Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.

  • In the dialog box type "\\" and hit OK.

  • In the "Enter network credentials" box...
    • User name: Your SU Email address. i.e.
    • Password: Your NetID Password
    • Check "Remember my credentials".

  • The window that opens is a list of all the printers we have shared off that printer. The "details" view may be easiest to read.

All Arts & Sciences printers have a name that starts with AS-. After that comes the department prefix. The name keeps adding more details to the left as required to uniquely identify it.

Locate the printer you want to add and double click on it. If you have rights to print to that printer its driver will download. The printer is now available for you to use.


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