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Welcome to the Falk Intranet. This tool is based on Syracuse University’s SUshare infrastructure and is a Falk-only secured space is used for sharing policies, forms, and other relevant information from Falk academic and administrative departments. The Falk Intranet gives Falk faculty and staff easy access to important policies, work order forms, schedules and other items all in one convenient online location. Below you’ll find helpful guidelines on how you can use this Intranet for information sharing with others—and to locate information you need for your work in Falk College quickly and easily.

What kind of information is appropriate for sharing on the Falk Intranet?

  • Policies, procedures, schedules, other operating documents: In short, any information that other departments may find useful or need to reference.
    • Example: Time off requests, how-to documents, IT tips, faculty and staff handbooks
  • Fillable forms: Departments, especially those in the Dean’s Office, can create fillable forms on the Falk Intranet to receive work requests from other Falk departments.
    • Example: The operations, space and facilities department has several forms users may fill out and submit for Physical Plant, custodial, and related requests.
  • Events: Any events that may be important for faculty and staff to be aware of for their scheduling purposes can be posted on the Falk Intranet calendar.
    • Examples of what to add: a lecture in Grant Auditorium, an Open House, Falk Holiday Party
    • Examples of what not to add: faculty and staff birthdays, information for students, such as academic deadlines

What kind of information is NOT appropriate for sharing on the Falk Intranet?

  • Anything not considered public information: Anyone with a NetID and password (students, faculty, staff, and others in the University community) can access the information uploaded to the Falk Intranet. Therefore, anything uploaded should be public information. No confidential, private, personal, or otherwise sensitive information should be shared on the Falk Intranet.
    • Examples of what not to add: Employee salary information, student academic information, personal information

Sensitive information as described above is better suited for the G: Drive. The G: drive is used for archiving files, as well as for storing and sharing sensitive information that needs to be protected by restricted access. Contact Falk IT for assistance with the G: Drive. 

  • Duplicate content: If you’d like to share content that already exists elsewhere online or on the Falk Intranet, rather than sharing another copy of the document, use a link that directs the user to where the most up-to-date information can be found. This approach saves time and effort, and ensures that the content on the Falk Intranet is always current.
    • Example: The Falk Directory would be useful to have on the Falk Intranet. Instead of creating another directory to manage, the Falk Intranet contains a link to the directory on 

How does information get posted on the Falk Intranet?

  • Each department has a designated Falk Intranet admin who will upload documents on behalf of individuals in their department. This is the same individual that acts as the Internet liaison for web content. For a variety of reasons, all documents uploaded to the Falk Intranet must include the date updated in the document name.
    • Example: Send documents with the naming convention “Document-Title_11-16-16.docx” to your department admin to upload.

Who maintains the Falk Intranet? And how does it happen?

  • To ensure the Falk Intranet is helpful for all, each department audits its respective folders at the end of every semester to remove any outdated content. Documents that are no longer in use, but need to be archived for our records, can be saved on the G: Drive.

The Falk Intranet is currently undergoing renovations. If you want offer constructive suggestions, please send them to




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