This is used when purchasing a service from another University department such as but not limited to catering services, parking permits, and/or bookstore purchases.

Completion Instructions

  1. Charge Department Information
    1. This is simply the name of the Department ordering items or services
  2. Chart String and Sponsored Awards/Cost Sharing
    1. This area denotes the fund, department, program, and account you will be charging the expense to. These numbers together reference a specific accounting location known at the University as a Chart String.
    2. Chart String areas that must be completed include:
      1. Fund
      2. Department
      3. Program
      4. Account
    3. Additional areas that must be completed if using a sponsored chart string (typically a fund 13):
      1. Project
      2. Activity

      3. Budget Reference also known as a "Bud Ref"

        a MyCode is not a required field; however, use of a MyCode allows for tracking of revenues or expenses in a more specific manner. If you are using a MyCode ensure that it is correct and that you know what it is for.

  3. Deliver to Information

    1. Department
      1. Name of the Credit Department or the department rendering items or services to the charge department
    2. Address
      1. this is the address where you would like the ID delivered to. A room number and building will suffice.
    3. End User
      1. This is the person who is to receive the ID at the address and the department noted above.
    4. Date of Order
      1. This is today's date
    5. Delivery Wanted By
      1. The date that delivery should be completed
    6. Requested By
      1. Your name
    7. Phone No.
      1. your extension or phone number
    8. Physical Plant Work Order and Project No.
      1. If you have a physical plant work order No or project number write it here
  4. Description Section
    1. here you can write a brief description of the services or items needed. If desired you can complete this section using all fields or simply write a brief description in the main section.

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