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Adobe InDesign: Creating Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesignLearn what features are required for a PDF to be considered accessible, and how to ensure that your Adobe InDesign document has these features built-in and mapped correctly for export to an accessible PDF. Note: It is expected that participants are already familiar with InDesign.

View Accessible PDFs from Adobe InDesign Recording

Accessible DocumentsThis session is a basic introduction to document accessibility, covering accessibility topics such as recognizable text, good color contrast, descriptive links, and considerations for images and other graphical content. The session also includes a screen reader demonstration and quick tips for Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, and PDFs. View Accessible Documents Recording
Blackboard Ally

Learn how Blackboard Ally can help ensure that course content is accessible. Topics include how to interpret your accessibility score, how to fix accessibility issues, and how students can take advantage of the alternative formats provided by Ally.

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ICT Accessibility Policy Overview and ResourcesThis session provides background on the Syracuse University ICT Accessibility Policy, the legal landscape and local impact, defines accessible IT, and provides an introduction to the various types of disabilities and assistive technologies in use on campus. It also provides five IT accessibility tips that participants can start doing immediately to make their content more accessible.View ICT Accessibility Policy Overview and Resources Recording

Mobile Accessibility: Applying WCAG Standards to Mobile Apps

In this session we will look at how WCAG guidelines are applied to mobile applications, and explore testing techniques for iOS and Android devices.

Note: It is expected that participants have already attended one of our Web Accessibility Testing sessions or are already familiar with WCAG guidelines and web accessibility testing techniques.

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PDFs: Evaluating and Repairing with Adobe Acrobat DC

This session will cover the basics of PDF remediation in Adobe Acrobat DC including:

  • Using the accessibility checker
  • Fixing missing titles,
  • Creating headings,
  • Adding alternative text to graphics
  • Adding table headers
  • Checking and correcting reading order
  • Strategies for working with scanned PDFs
View Evaluating and Repairing PDFs Recordings
PowerPoint: Creating Accessible Presentations

This workshop is designed for anyone who creates presentation materials using Microsoft PowerPoint. Major topics covered include:

  • Using slide layouts
  • Adding meaningful descriptions to images
  • Adding alternative text to graphics
  • Adding table headers
  • Ensuring proper reading order
  • Exporting to accessible PDF
Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations
Screen Reader Essential Training for Web Accessibility Testers

The WCAG 2.x A and AA Manual Evaluation form used by Syracuse University staff for testing web sites and web applications includes a number of checkpoints that are best tested using a screen reader. These lessons cover the relevant checkpoints as well as a recommended testing technique with the corresponding JAWS/NVDA/VoiceOver keystrokes.

Note: These lessons are not intended to be a comprehensive introduction to the JAWS, NVDA, or VoiceOver screen readers.

View Recordings:

JAWS Basics for Web Accessibility Testers

NVDA Basics for Web Accessibility Testers

VoiceOver Basics for Web Accessibility Testers

Social Media and Email Accessibility

This session will cover the accessibility issues encountered by users of social media and strategies for creating social media content that is as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. We will touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms. We will also discuss email accessibility and techniques for optimizing your email for maximum accessibility.

Accessible Social Media and Email (.pptx)

Stories of Inclusive TechnologyThese videos from Colorado State University address the growing need to make electronic content inclusive and usable for all users, including students who use assistive technology, students without disabilities who prefer to access content in alternative ways (like text-to-speech or an audio recording), and instructors who discover that inclusively designed documents are more useful, and easier to build and update. In each video, speakers tell their stories of inclusion and exclusion, helping viewers understand their specific challenges. Students and faculty recount their experiences living with disabilities, using assistive technology, and building inclusive design solutions.View Stories of Inclusive Technology Playlist
Video Captioning BasicsThis session will cover video captioning terminology, guidelines, and tips for do-it-yourself captions as well as options for outsourcing. View Video Captioning Basics Recording

Web Accessibility Testing

This session will cover techniques for testing websites for accessibility.  Topics include:

  • How people with disabilities use the web
  • Interpreting Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 A and AA)
  • Accessibility testing tools and techniques

View Web Accessibility Testing Recording

Word: Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Word

This session will cover the process of creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word. Topics include:

  • Use of styles to add structure to your document
  • Adding alternative text to images
  • Using descriptive hyperlinks
  • Creating accessible charts and tables
  • Using the MS Word Accessibility checker
  • Exporting to an accessible PDF

Note: Although Office 365 Win/Mac is used in this session, the concepts can be applied to any version of Word.

Creating Accessible Documents in MS Word
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