Digital and Gender Identity

The Pronoun, Gender, and Preferred Name Advisory Council (PGPNAC) is critical to fulfilling Long-Term Recommendation #32 from the March 11, 2016 Chancellor’s Workgroup on Diversity Inclusion Final Report. The Final Report affirms that the University "Expand (its) Preferred Name/MySlice process for choice of gender pronouns, email display names, ID cards, and issues related to Blackboard and other relevant platforms." Formally known as the Preferred Name, Pronoun, and Gender Advisory Council (PNPGAC), PGPNAC was intentionally designed to include a wide-ranging cross-section of the University community.

This space will be used to share updates on Council activities, as well as other resources for those seeking to enhance their digital identity on campus.

We are continually seeking feedback on ways to improve services, and encourage you to reach out to us at

Preferred Name

  • For directions on adding/editing a preferred name, please see MySlice Personal Profile Tile and Pages.
  • Additional information can be found on the Preferred Name Type Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Report writers across campus who have access to student names no longer require special approval to access and use Preferred Names.  The related fields have been integrated into the primary Student Biodemographic Data Warehouse view.  
  • Students' preferred or chosen names are individual choices and are often deeply connected to students’ identities and sense of belonging. Preferred or chosen names may include a shortened version of a legal name, the use of a middle name, or a completely different name that reflects who they are.  Per University policy, preferred or chosen names should be used where possible in the course of University education and communication.  However, in many circumstances, it may be a name that the student wishes to exclusively use on campus.  In an effort to ensure a safe and positive experience for the student, it is strongly recommended that for any communications sent to a student’s permanent addresses, their primary name be used as opposed to their preferred or chosen name.
  • Questions about utilization should be directed to


System Questions or Recommendations

To request a change to the way University systems use pronouns, preferred name, or prefix, please use the following form:

For information on services and resources available to trans and gender-noncomforming groups on campus, please visit The LGBT Resource Center's webpage.

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