The Microsoft Authenticator app helps you sign in to your accounts when you're using two-step verification. Multifactor authentication  helps you to use your accounts more securely because passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or compromised. Multifactor authentication uses a second step, like your smartphone, to make it harder for other people to break into your account. 

Two-step verification: The standard verification method, where one of the factors is your password. After you sign in using your username and password, you can either approve a notification or enter a provided verification code.

Download and Install the App

Install the latest version of the Authenticator app, based on your operating system:

Google Android

Apple iOS

If you're not currently on your mobile device, you can still get the Authenticator app if you send yourself a download link from the Authenticator app page.

Setting Up The Microsoft Authenticator App

First time app set up is made easier by having both a computer and your smartphone. You will need to scan a QR code from a screen with your phone. 

  1. The first time you log into a syr.edu account, or after your authentication has been reset, you will be prompted to set up multifactor authentication:

  2. Follow the on screen prompts:

  3. When adding an account into the app, be sure to choose "Work or School"

  4.  Scan the provided QR code with the app. Note: do not scan the QR below, it is a reference screenshot and will not properly set up your multifactor authentication.

  5. Approve the test notification sent to your device:

  6. Success!