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Available Authentication Methods

  1. Mobile App (recommended)

  2. Office Phone

  3. Authentication phone (cell phone)

Can't use one of these methods? Please contact the ITS Help Desk or 315-443-2677

Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App

Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Search for "Microsoft Authenticator" and look for the blue lock.  

Picture of Microsoft Authenicator application

Set up the Microsoft Authenticator App

 Picture of Mobile app selection using Microsoft authenticator       


  1.  How do you want to use the mobile app? 

    1. Receive notifications for verification (the app will send you a pop-up notification on your smart device)

    2. Use Verification Code (the app will generate a random passcode for you to enter)

  2. After selecting one of the above options click "Set up" 

  3. Configure mobile app (see below)

    Configure mobile app QR Code

  4. Scan QR code into Microsoft Authenticator app and click next

  5. Microsoft will try and verify your phone

  6. You may be asked to provide an alternate phone number in case you lose access to mobile app (see below) 

    Picture of providing alternate number

  7.  After selecting next there will be a page that states "Keep using your existing applications" (see below)

    1. The password that appears will be used in some applications. Make sure to keep a copy of it. If you lose it, you will need to create a new app password. 

    App password

  8. You can now select "Done" to finish set up

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Set up using Authentication Phone

Authentication phone

  1. Select "Authentication phone" from the drop down list

  2. Select your country or region and enter your phone number

  3. Select which method you would like to use your phone

  4. Click "Contact me"

  5. Once receiving the phone call or code by text please enter that code in provided space

    Method for Authentication phone

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Changes to your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 

Two-factor authentication needs to have your most current information in order to be the most effective.

  • If you ever need to change these settings, for example, you have a new phone number, you are travelling abroad, or you wish to change your verification method please go to the Microsoft 2FA Management Page.  
  • If you need to generate an App Password to enable your existing applications or to manage your app passwords please follow the instructions on our Answers page: Creating an App Password for Microsoft's 2FA.

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