Enroll in a Class

After you log in with your  NetID and password select "Enroll in a class"

Screen shot showing where to click on enroll in a class

Promissory Note

You will then be asked to read the promissory note and check the box to acknowledge that you read it.  Read the Tuition and Fees Booklet and then check the box acknowledging that you have read it. The Continue button will appear once you have checked both boxes.
Click "Continue."

Class Verification

You will then be asked to enter the 5-digit code of the class (provided by the department offering the class).  Enter this and click on "Validate Class."

Class verification screen shot

Verify that this is the class you intend to register for, check "Yes" or No".

If the five-digit code is incorrect, click no and a page will appear with contact information. Please contact the department offering the course to get the correct five-digit code for the course. You will need to log back in again to register once you have the correct information.
If the five digit-code is correct, click Yes and the Continue to Enrollment button will appear. Click the "Continue to Enrollment" button.

You will then be taken to a screen similar to this:

A green checkmark in the status box indicates that you are enrolled in the class. A red X in the status box indicates that you were unable to add the class and you should contact our Bursar/Registration Department at 315.443.4135 or bursareg@syr.edu.

If the status box indicates that you are enrolled in the class, you must then click the Complete My Registration box to complete your registration AND make any applicable payment. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your registration.

If there is no fee for your class, click "Complete My Registration." Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your registration. You may then proceed directly to the "Confirmation Page."


Have your credit card ready and click "Pay My Balance" to make your payment. Balance must be paid in full in order to confirm registration.  Failure to pay in full will result in cancellation of your entire registration.

Screen shot of payment screen

Pop-Up Blocker Instructions 

Once you click Pay My Balance, the page below will appear.  You must follow the instructions to verify that the Pop-Up blockers are off.   

Pup up blocker page screen shot

Once you verify that your pop-up blockers are off, click "Continue to Payment."  Pop-up blockers must be off to gain access to the payment page.
If you do not gain access to the payment page, you MUST call or email our office by NOON the next business day for instructions on how to make your payment. Your registration will automatically be cancelled if your payment is not received by NOON. We can be reached by using the chat function on the page, or by contacting us at bursareg@syr.edu or 315.443.4135.

Payment Page

Enter the required payment information. Once all the fields are completed click "Next."

Click "Submit Payment" to finalize your payment.

Screen shot of confirmation page

Payment Confirmation Page

A receipt is automatically emailed to the email address you entered. You may print the receipt or email a copy to a different email address. You MUST close the CASHNet tab, NOT the browser! To close the CASHNet tab, click the  X on the CASHNet window.

Screen shot of receipt

Confirmation Page

Confirmation of your registration is contingent upon completion of the payment page, including receipt of any required payment. If your payment was not successful, your registration will be cancelled. You will be notified of the cancellation via the email address that you provided upon registration.

Screen shot of class confirmation

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