•  Expense your transactions as you make purchases. Transaction should be all expensed by the sixth of every month.
  • To reconcile your transaction login to the JPMC website using the login provided when you received your procard.

  • Go to Transactions/ Manage and your expenses page will display.
  1. Click on each line expense and fill in the appropriate accounting codes. Please refer to Account codes section in this document for reference. The full chart string including any applicable Project codes, MyCodes, Activities and BudRefs must be filled in at the time of expensing each transaction.

  2. You have the option to save the most used chartstring by clicking on “Add as Favorite” below the account code entry portion.

  3. Add the business purpose on the ‘Transaction Notes’ section

  4. For travel, please include the name of conference/event, dates and location.

  • For any meal receipts, you must list all attendees and their affiliations including non-SU guests.
  1. Click Review. Proceed to the next expense line and repeat until everything is expensed.

  2. Email all receipts and applicable emails that pertain to the current month expenditures to phyadmin@syr.edu 

  3. Should you have paper receipts,  take a picture of the receipt or scan and email it to phyadmin@syr.edu with the JPMC noted in the subject header.

  • After reconciliation is reviewed and approved, office staff will email the Monthly Transaction Detail page along with the receipts to the credit card holder for digital signature.
  • Forward  signed form to supervisor to obtain signature.
  1. Supervisor forwards signed reconciliation file to  phadmin@syr.edu for process completion.

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