This form is used to reimburse Faculty, Staff, Students and University guests who incur out of pocket expenses while traveling on University business. This form will automatically calculate the mileage reimbursement amount using the current year mileage rate. Visit the Office of the Comptroller's website to download the form. 

When Traveler is International or resides overseas, he must fill out a Foreing Wire Transfer form to go along with his/her reimbursement packet.


Daily Detail Page:

·         Enter the travel dates on the first row

·          Enter the figures for below categories from the traveler’s receipts on the corresponding dates: Airline, Personal Auto Miles, conferences registration, taxi, etc.   

·         If the amounts are in foreign currency, convert using the conversion rates website on the link below (look for the exchange on the specific purchase day for accuracy): (conversion rates)

·         If per diem is requested for meals and incidentals, print a sheet for the corresponding state/city to add to the paperwork. Add the per diem category ‘M&IE’ manually under “Note Misc. Expenses Below”. The total per diem amount requested on the form should not be higher than the maximum allowed. Also, note that on that on the first and last day of travel only 75% of the total is reimbursable.

·         Please note that reimbursement for meals can be done via two different methods but only one must be chosen for the whole travel: itemized receipts or per diem. (per diem) (International per diem)


The totals on the end have a formula and should come up automatically

·         Type in the Traveler’s Name and the Supervisor’s Name on the corresponding lines.

·         If multiple daily detail pages are needed, right-click on the daily detail tab and choose add copy. Put the total of the additional pages on the original daily detail page.

Expense Report Page:

·         ‘Employee’ category box will always be checked. If person is not an employee, please check opposite box

·          Traveler Information

1.      Full Name

2.      SU ID# (If not a Syracuse employee, you must put in Social Security # and address)

If the traveler does not have a social Security Number, please send a request to provide a tax withholding form. Send the choice of two forms (W-8BEN or W9), both available on our server. Use the following template for the email correspondence:

“We need a withholding form on file. A nonimmigrant alien can file either a W-8BEN or W-9 form, dependent upon their circumstance. The W-8BEN would be filed if they are nonresident for tax purposes, and the W-9 form would be used should the individual be in the U.S. long enough to pass the substantial presence test and be considered a resident for tax purposes. The individual taxpayer must make that determination.”

3.      Citizenship

4.      Address: Select where the check should be sent. If it is an SU employee, leave the section blank otherwise add the visitor’s provided address.

·          Trip Information

University Business Purpose

Travel Points (such as Syracuse, NY – Madrid, Spain – Syracuse, NY)

Departure and Return Date

·         Advance received?

Will automatically be checked as no, change if an advance was given. If the latter, please add the number of the travel advance voucher on the corresponding line located on the top right top corner of the form. More details about travel advances processes here

Checks for repayment of travel advance overage should be made payable to SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY and be sent with the Travel Voucher/reconciliation through the system (in this case to sponsored accounting then they will send to disbursements).

·         Expense Distribution & Dept. Authorization

        Fund Dept#    Program Account My Code    Project Activity   Bud Ref Amount

This information will come from the faculty member sponsoring the travel. Please do not use at your discretion. If not provided, make sure that you email faculty to have written approval of funding source to use.

NAME                                                                       Signature

The name will be budget manager’s for all fund 11’s and budget administrator’s for all fund 13’s

The rest of the front page should automatically be filled in after you do the second page.

·         If requestor received travel advance and the end calculation indicates that he/she owes the University funds not used, then a check for that final amount must be provided by the requestor and sent to either OSA or Disbursements with the reimbursement packet

·         Save, Print and Distribute for signatures:

·         Save the form to the server on the travel Vouchers folder. Please see the following path to find it:  " G:\AS\phy\#private\#Expenditures (staff)\Reimbursement requests"

·         Print and place on the traveler’s mailbox for signature. Email the traveler to notifying and ask that the form be placed on the PHY Business mailbox.

·         If unable to complete the form due to pending questions, save it in the  ‘IN PROGRESS’ folder on the travel voucher folder on the server. If finished but still lacking documents, print and file on the ‘TRAVEL VOUCHER-IN PROGRESS’ folder located on the hanging file organizer in room 201A.

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