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If you would like to add a contact form to your site, we will need to install Contact Form 7 on your site. If this was not requested during the site creation process, please email with the request.

Creating a Form

Go to your Dashboard and hover over Contact on the left. This will create a dropdown menu when you can click on Add New to create a new form. You will need to give your form a title in the Title box.

The form will pre-generate fields to produce a simple contact form. If you need more custom fields, please review Contact Form 7's documentation on How Tags Work.

The next step will be to configure your mail settings in the Mail tab. This is where you can set up where the form submissions will go and what the email will look like. For more information, please refer to the Setting Up Mail documentation from Contact Form 7.

Putting Your Form Onto a Page

Once you have finished setting up your form, you will need to click Save. When the page refreshes, you will be given the shortcode of the form to place anywhere on your site. Here's an example:

You will need to copy the everything in the blue box. If you have a page on your site that will host the form, you will then need to paste that code into the Text tab of your page's editor view. It should look like this:

Once you press Publish, you can view your page and see the contact form you created.

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