Accessing the copier interface

To access the Xerox copiers to add/delete users, reset usage count (monthly), run user reports (Admin password needed) follow the links and instructions. Each machine has its own web-link but same password (ask supervisor for password)

Canon 261 

Canon 307

Add/Delete users

To Add user (navigation box top-left)

Properties > Login/Permissions/Accounting >Device User Database

1.   Click ‘Add new user’ – upper left button

2.   Fill in the following fields

a.    User name = 5 digit numeric copy-code (look at list to make # is not already in use)

b.   New Password = (same) 5 digit copy-code (you can copy/paste)

c.    Retype Password – (same) 5 digit copy-code (you can copy paste

d.   Friendly name = last name of user *intial uppercase

3.   Scroll down and click ‘Save’ lower right button. This will bring you back to the ‘Device User’ page.  Scroll list and confirm new entry

4.   This needs to be done manually for both machines.

5.   Log out

6.   Please send an email with the user name and code to the person managing the copier reports and the Master-User list (printout) will be updated.


  •  New faculty are assigned a copier code when they start (you can do on request as well). Usually the code is for department usage.
  •  New postdocs get copier code with permission of the supervising faculty member.
  • Delete numbers as people leave the department.
  • There is one copier code for all graduate students to share

How to run user report

  • Login on the copier following the instructions above.
  • Click on the Properties tab at the top
  • On the menu on the left expand the Login/Permissions/Accounting option and click on ‘Accounting Methods’
  • Click Report and Reset
  • Make sure ‘Usage Report’ is highlighted (blue) and click ‘Yes’ under ‘Show User ID in Report’
  • Click on Download Report
  • On the popup Window click Save
  • Once it is saved, you can choose to highlight ‘Resets’ and click on the ‘Reset Usage Data’ button

How to calculate the billing for class copies

  • Create a User report from the following “Properties > Login/Permissions/Accounting >Accounting Methods > Report” to acquire the total copies for the month.
  • Copy the columns from the report into the monthly spreadsheet found in G:\AS\phy\#private\#Expenditures (staff)\Copier reports.  This should only calculate the courses that have class fees associated with them (see below).
  • The following classes have class fees associated with them, and copy usage is tracked. New codes are assigned each semester. Email the codes to the faculty teaching these courses and ask that they share it with their TAs.

o   AST 101/104

o   PHY 101/102

o   PHY 211

o   PHY 212

o   PHY 215

o   PHY 216

o   PHY 221/222

  • The total will be auto calculated on the first sheet of the spreadsheet will have the copier cost amount.
  •  Use this total to produce a journal entry Debiting the activities program and crediting the general operations program. Be sure to include the spreadsheet in the journal entry.

Toner recycling process

For  Canon copiers

  • When you replace your spent consumable, save the box the new consumable comes in. Place your spent consumable inside the box, then put that box into the Eco Box  located in the mail room (room 261) to return the spent supply item to Xerox.
  • Ship - For your convenience, your Eco Box comes with a pre-paid return label applied to the box. To return your Eco Box for recycling: complete the label and contact materials distribution for pick up. Materials distribution will also pick up Canon used toner.

For HP printers

  • Place your spent consumable inside the box and use the free shipping label enclosed in every new box of HP LaserJet toner cartridges.
  • Fill out label, stick to the outside of box and close it
  • Place the box in the mail room (room 261)

  • No labels