This form is used to reimburse Faculty, Staff, Students and University guests who incur out of pocket expenses while traveling on University business. This form will automatically calculate the mileage reimbursement amount using the current year mileage rate. Visit the Office of the Comptroller's website to download the form. 


Note that the form has two tabs. Please fill out first the 'daily detail' tab on the excel sheet. Include dates and corresponding expenses and the traveler's name. There is space below to add items not included if needed.  Then complete the 'Expense Rpt' tab. On the expense tab. Fill in the 'Traveler information': Make sure to include your SU ID number, choose a Citizenship option from the dropdown window.  

Fill in the  'Trip information.':  Make sure to include  business purpose, travel points and departure and return date.  Once complete, attach all the corresponding receipts (pdf or photos) and email along with the form to We will also need a funding source.

 We can assist with filling out sections of the form as long as we have the necessary information.

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